Wake County Library (Cameron Village)

Construction of Cameron Village started in 1947, and when opened, was the premier shopping center in Raleigh. The building that was to become the Cameron Village Regional Library was originally designed for a second story addition, that is, the roof framing was designed for future floor loads, but not for heavy loads of book stacks. So the structure needed to be upgraded for the extra loads for a library and to meet earthquake code requirements, since there were no earthquake requirements in 1947. This had to be accomplished within the constraints of the existing framing. New footings and columns were added in the basement where they would not be in the way, floor joists and beams were reinforced, and new lateral bracing elements were added. Dan Huffman, formerly with Cherry Huffman Architects, was concerned about the aesthetic effect of adding a lot of lateral bracing (rod x-bracing, tube steel K-bracing, etc. But realizing there was no other cost-effective way to make the building safe during an earthquake, he figured out how to incorporate it into the architectural design. Some of the steel rods are visible behind the glass in the front wall.