Greater Brunswick Charter School

Brunswick, NJ

We teamed up with Dajon Associates of Hackensack, NJ to convert a 1950s warehouse into the Greater Brunswick Charter School. The roof’s bowstring trusses were constructed with heavy timber members, which presented two major structural challenges. One, the trusses did not meet code requirements for snow load. Two, a gym was planned in the center of the building and there would not be enough headroom unless the bottom chord of the truss was removed for the width of the gym.

To solve these challenges, steel tie rods were added on each side of the bottom chord (except where the gym was located), to relieve the stress on the bottom chord. Our computer analysis showed that the bowstring truss, with the tie rods installed, met current code requirements. Columns were also installed within the walls of the gym to cut down the span of the bowstring truss and permit the removal of the bottom chord between the new steel columns. Supplemental truss work was required at the top chord between the new columns, but the required headroom for the basketball court was maintained.