Country Cupboard

Lewisburg, PA

Country Cupboard is a popular general store/special store/restaurant in Lewisburg, PA. It is similar to a Cracker Barrel, but on steroids. The roof is framed with pre-engineered wood roof trusses spaced at 2’-0” o.c. A large section of roof started to collapse during a windstorm and Dajon was hired to install emergency shoring to prevent a total failure. After the crisis was averted they were hired to do a permanent repair and we were hired to do the structural engineering. We had collaborated on a similar project with pre-engineered trusses a year earlier and used a similar approach here. We reinforced every sixth wood truss with new steel angles on both sides of all members, in effect, making it a steel truss. Then we added header beams to span between the new steel trusses and support the other pre-engineered trusses at the quarter points. With this system in place, the roof system was upgraded to meet current building code requirements for snow and wind loads.