Auburn Tower & Transmitter Building

Garner, NC

A transmitter building must be very close to the transmitter tower to function effectively. But this creates a serious structural problem. Ice that accumulates on the 2000-foot tall tower can break away in huge chunks and hit the roof at tremendous speed. Thomas Crowder with Architektur of Raleigh had a unique solution to this problem. He wanted to construct a roof over a roof. The upper roof would consist of steel trusses with grating on top. The lower roof would be a conventionally framed metal deck on steel bar joists that was partially supported from the roof trusses and partially by steel columns. The ice chunks would be stopped by the grating and steel trusses. If grating was damaged from the ice it could be easily replaced. The lower roof would be very economical because it was conventional construction. Crowder then took what he learned from the Auburn Transmitter Building Addition to create a prototype design to be used around the country. Of the almost 10,000 projects we’ve worked on, this has to be one of the most unique.